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Contact Information

RITN Participating Centers General Contact Directory (PDF)

     ****Distribution of the RITN contact list is controlled, but available by request to appropriate agencies and organizations.

Updating RITN Contact Information
     Email with additions, removals, and updates to current RITN-designated staff.


Contact RITN:

Phone: (612) 884-8276
Fax: (612) 294-4441


For crisis assistance including access to decorporation agents or guidance on their use call:

REAC/TS: 865.576.1005 (24x7 - Ask for REAC/TS)

Medical personnel caring for a few casualties with exposures in excess of 200 Rad (2 Gy) or with cytopenia should call REAC/TS.

The Radiation Emergency Assistance Center and Training Site (REAC/TS) is located outside Knoxville, TN and has been providing crisis response to radiological accidents since 1976. REAC/TS staff include physicians and health physicists. REAC/TS maintains a stockpile of decorporation agents as well (REAC/TS Website:

The Radiation Injury Treatment Network plans for the coordination of care for large groups of casualties with marrow toxic injuries.

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