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RITN Exercises

Hospital Preparedness Exercises: Guidebook (PDF)

Tabletop Exercises (TTX) 
*NOTE: Raw data available to appropriate facilities upon request.

RITN Regional TTX


RITN Sponsored Full-Scale and Functional Exercises (FSE)

*NOTE: All RITN center full-scale exercises are HSEEP compliant. These
are not an 'exercise-in-a-box.' Due diligence is required to modify to make the
materials pertinent to the user. The exercises are posted for use by healthcare
institutions for better preparedness. We only ask that RITN be acknowledged if used.

 RITN Exercise Videos - RITN YouTube
  • 2016 Emory University Hospital Full-Scale Radiological Exercise Video
  • 2016 City of Hope-Duarte Full-Scale Radiological Exercise
  • 2015 Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Full-Scale Radiological Exercise
  • 2012 University Hospitals Case Medical Center Radiological Disaster Drill (YouTube)
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