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Healthcare Coalition Functional Radiation Exercise

For FY22 the Department of Health and Human Services-Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response's Operational Intent for FY2022 is a radiation focus.

In support of this RITN developed the following HSEEP compliant functional exercise kit to be used by healthcare coalition members to meet this requirement.

The exercise has six modules and an after action review (hot wash), each module taking approximately 45 minutes to conduct.

Exercise purpose:

Address the operational elements of the receipt, triage, and care of radiation-injury and acute blast/burn injury casualties in accordance with existing Health Care Coalition and individual hospital/agency plans. 


Functional elements minimally include activation of command, notifications, and patient triage. Optional injects will exercise decontamination, pharmacy resources, patient transfer, and just-in-time training needs. Participants will include Health Care Coalition partners and relevant federal partners. The exercise is not limited to jurisdictions that have a RITN hospital.


1. Assemble appropriate command staff, provide situational awareness, and staff briefings to prepare for the receipt of casualties from the distant IND detonation.
2. Identify staff, equipment, and supplies necessary to care for a surge of radiation-injury only as well as burn/blast casualties to include decompression and expansion of acute patient care areas.
3. Operationally coordinate with local/state public health and emergency management as well as federal partners (e.g., VA) and others regarding the transfer and receipt of evacuated patients to hospitals via the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS).
4. Triage paper patients received from the Patient Reception Area (PRA) and make treatment determinations for inpatients and outpatients.
5. Coordinate housing, transportation, and other assistance needs for families of radiation-injury casualties that have arrived from distant locations.

Exercise files:

The exercise includes a zip file with the following materials and a video to help guide you through the modules (this is located on our YouTube channel-link is below):

  1. Exercise Plan (just a comment placeholder for video link)
  2. AAR template
  3. Exercise slides without audio (in the event a HCC wants to customize the content)
  4. Patient profiles
    1. Burn trauma
    2. General trauma (blast and crush) with radiation exposure
    3. Spontaneous/self transport family
    4. Radiation-only profiles
  5. MSEL
  6. Patient manifest


Combined exercise files (ExerciseFiles)

Functional Exercise Video with instructions for all modules (YouTubeChannel)

***If there are any issues downloading these files please email us at for assistance

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