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 RITN ARS Treatment Guidelines (PPTX w/ notes) contents:

  • Principles of ARS management at RITN centers
  • Altered standards after a nuclear detonation
  • Acute Radiation Syndrome
  • Victim triage after a nuclear detonation
  • ARS management
  • Stem cell support: when to HLA type casualties

    HLA-typing during a national emergency:

    • Guidance for obtaining HLA-typing during a national emergency can be obtained by contact the NMDP or the closest RITN center:
    • NMDP HLA-typing guidance: 1 (800) MARROW2 or (612) 627-5800
    • For an updated map and list of RITN centers:
    • RITN Participating Centers General Contact Directory:

     Medical Order Sets for Adult and Pediatric Radiation Injury Treatment (Collaboration of REMM and RITN): 

    Downloadable Medical Orders:

    • Adult Medical Orders for Radiation Injury Treatment (PDF)
    • Pediatric Medical Orders for Radiation Injury Treatment (PDF)

    Links to online versions on Radiation Emergency Medical Management website (REMM) website:

    REMM Dosimtery Estimator: 

    Aplastic Anemia Protocol (PDF)

    IRB Materials:

    NMDP Fact Sheets: 

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