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  • RITN Radiation Injury Referral Guidelines (PDF)
    • The purpose of the RITN Guidelines for Identifying Radiation Injury and Considering Transfer to a Specialized Facility is to provide hospitals with a concise guide for identifying casualties in the aftermath of a radiation incident who may have received a clinically significant dose of radiation.
  • Cytokine Administration Triage Guidelines for Acute Radiation Syndrome (Adult and Pediatric)
    • The purpose of these guidelines are to give physicians, advanced practitioners and nurses (medical providers) simple myeloid cytokine triage guidelines to assist with the administration of these pharmaceuticals to adult and pediatric casualties in the immediate aftermath of a radiological disaster. 
    • Formats available
    AFRRI Pocket Guide - Emergency Radiation Medicine Response (PDF)
    • The Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) Pocket Guide can be consulted quickly to assess and control an emergency situation.
    • It defines radiation exposure and describes steps in diagnosis, treatment, decontamination, and reporting.
  • REAC/TS - Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site radiation injury medical care materials:
    • Combined Injury Treatment (PDF)
    • Prehospital Radiation Triage (PDF)
    • Radiation Treatment Flowchart (PDF)
  • REMM Dosimetry Estimator
  • EBMT Pocket Guide (PDF)
  • Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness - Exposure And Symptom Triage (EAST) tool to assess radiation exposure after a nuclear detonation (PDF)


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